Welcome to CrewCal

CrewCal is an intelligent scheduling assistant that works with your existing calendar system. We are launching our first round of BETA testing with our first integration with the great folks at ResponsiBid, the leader in online job bidding tools.

What to expect

Our goal is to help make existing calendar system SMART! We want your staff to be able to quickly and easily scheduling customers while on the phone, and more importantly we want to create a solution that makes it possible for your customers to schedule themselves within the guidelines you expect.

Some of the features:

  • The assistant will understand when your crews work and what jobs they can preform, it will also understand if multiple workers are on that crew and how that effects how long a job will take.
  • The assistant will help find appointments that are within range of the surrounding appointments, it even knows where your crews start their day!
  • Real drive-time and distance calculated using the best sources for driving data available online.
  • Keep your existing calendar system, your crews won't have to change how they work their daily job.

This amazing assistant will transform your business scheduling, and even make room on the office wall for something other than maps for only $100 per month!!.